It is our goal to empower you to healthily begin to sprout change in your life today!

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In our 1-on-1 time together you will learn how to prepare food as medicine, natural remedies, and herbs customized to your needs that help you improve your overall well-being in everyday ways! You will also learn simple DIY techniques you and your loved ones will enjoy for generations to come!

A regular session can range from 30-60 minutes once a week, bi-weekly or 1 x month, although most typical sessions will generally meet weekly-60 minutes



"Leaving a positive word for Priscila Espinosa , [it s]tarts with the first letter of her first name “P” for Possibilities. I’m very grateful to Priscila for introducing me to a world of possibilities, the world of natural remedies and holistic solutions for my Crohn’s [Disease].

For those who don’t know, I’ve been fighting with Crohn’s Disease for the past couple [of] years. Ever since I’ve met Priscila and joined her [‘SproutChange program’] I’ve learned that it is possible to treat my Crohn’s without pharmaceutical medications and the side effects that come with it. Besides, I have reduced most of my symptoms with just diet and supplements alone.

I’m not going to go into too [many] details, but it has been a tough fight and I’m still in the journey of healing. I’m just glad to know that it is possible to treat it oneself, independently with the right diet and lifestyle that has brought a positive outcome to me.

This is thanks to you, Priscila. Please continue your mission to help others and change lives. Show them this world of possibilities[!]"

- Jorge De La Cruz